Make a Subscription

In order to be able to consume data through the CARUSO Marketplace, it is required that you make a subscription. A subscription determines the selected data items, the selected pricing option, the selected means for lawful processing of personal data, etc., and last but not least, the terms & conditions applicable for data delivery.

Subscription Details

Once you have subscribed, you are now eligible to request data for your subscription. Therefore, you must use your API Key and the subscriptionID. The subscription details always provide you with the IDs and your API key.

  • consumerId: A unique identifier for a data consumer.
  • subscriptionId: A unique identifier for your selected data plan.
  • API Key: A unique code required to call our API.

Also, you can see the data items that are accessible as part of your subscription. For details on the data items, please refer also to our Data Catalog. Further, you can see examples of data requests in the API Reference section.