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The CARUSO Dataplace platform provides multi-brand in-vehicle data from different vehicle manufacturers in one harmonized format. The telematics data originates from connected cars who provide access to data via embedded telematic control units or retrofit devices. Such vehicles are also called Connected Vehicles, our Developer Portal explains how to integrate in-vehicle data into your solutions. Our Data Catalog explains what kind of in-vehicle data items are available for usage in your solutions and applications. The Data Items available for one of your Connected Vehicles may vary depending on the vehicle manufacturer, the connected vehicle itself (i.e., the make, the model, drive type and any special equipment), and the settings made by the vehicle owners/drivers.

CARUSO enables Data Delivery from most major vehicle manufacturers and provides you easy access to in-vehicle data for your data-driven business. The delivery of data is based on the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of the Connected Vehicle. Thus, it is considered to be personal data. According to the General Data Protection Regulation ( GDPR), this means a legal basis for lawful processing of personal data must be in place for data delivery (please note that depending on the vehicle manufacturer, the options for lawful processing of personal data may differ).

Check out our APIs and learn how to integrate data from Connected Cars. Data delivery may use different technical means (e.g., pull, push, or stream). Our Data Catalog provides you with a data dictionary including data item definitions, data item descriptions, and detailed technical information.

Your journey to integrate in-vehicle data into your solutions is as follows:

Enjoy integrating data from Connected Vehicles into your applications and solutions!

Cheers, Your CARUSO Team

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PSS: And yes, you can also start exploring the data world of Connected Vehicles with our Virtual Vehicle Manufacturer. The Virtual Vehicle Manufacturer provides you access to simulated test data of several virtual vehicles. These virtual vehicles behave like real connected vehicles featuring frequently asked data items. Also, the virtual vehicles come along with predefined and repeating behavior, providing an ideal environment for testing and integration purposes.