Welcome to the Developer Portal of Caruso Dataplace. Our Core Principle is n:1:m. Our platform is the place to find harmonized multi-brand in-vehicle data across vehicle manufacturers and retrofit solutions. It provides you with standardized access to our In-Vehicle API, Consent Management, Data Catalog with Data Item Definitions, Error Handling, and the Subscription Process.

Data Consumption

The Developer Portal will help you to integrate your system with our platform and provides all the necessary information to request data from our API. You can request data for a vehicle using its Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), once you made a subscription for data.

Our In-Vehicle API is oriented around HTTP protocol and supports JSON-encoded data in requests and responses. It also supports standard HTTP response codes, authentication and the defined verbs. Our In-Vehicles API has a dedicated endpoint supporting a variety of request parameters. In this way, you can design and implement powerful solutions with data coming from the Caruso Dataplace.

We recommend to start reading about Data Delivery. In case of any questions, please contact